Heat Treatment



Our heat-treated glass is fabricated with the latest technology and is known for its minimum roll wave (lower than ASTM standard) and its excellent optical qualities. This allows our customers to display and enjoy the highest quality glass with the least distortion possible.

Heat-treated glass has the key advantage of being able to withstand far higher levels of mechanical stress/pressure than non-heat-treated glass. This glass can be classified as a “safety glass” because it minimizes the breakage risk resulting from external agents or from temperature changes.

Heat Strengthened (HS)

Heat-strengthened glass has been heat-treated to increase its resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses. The glass is heated to more than 600°C and then gradually cooled. It is mainly used to prevent breakage caused by thermal stresses. This glass is not considered a safety glass and, when broken, shatters into large pieces that remain in the frame.

While it does offer improved strength and resistance to thermal shock and stress, it is important to note that heat-strengthened glass does not meet safety glazing requirements as outlined by the American National Standards Institute’s Z97.1 or the federal safety standard Consumer Products Safety Commission’s 16 CFR 1201.


Surface compression range for 1/4” heat strengthened glass: 3.500 – 7.500 psi.

Fully Tempered (FT)

A fully tempered glass is around four times stronger than regular annealed glass of similar specifications. Unlike heat-strengthened glass, when the fully tempered glass is broken it breaks in to fairly small, pebble-like pieces, which reduces the chance of injuries. The small glass pieces also make it more likely that the glass will separate from the opening. This glass complies with the safety glazing requirements specified by the American National Standards Institute and the federal safety Standard Consumer Products Safety Commission.


Our tempering furnaces are completely automatic with Pro Convection Technology that warrants the tempering quality even for Low-E glasses.

  • Maximum size: 129.92” x 236.22”
  • Minimum size: 3.93” x 9.84”
  • Thickness range: 1/8” – 3/4”
  • Surface compression range for 1/4” heat strengthened glass is >10,000 Psi.
  • High-performance sputter coating compatible
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