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Redefining Glass Boundaries

It is not just about glass, but what we can transform it into.

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As an industry leader we follow one vision: Quality


Insulating Glass

Improved thermal performance.

Laminated Glass

The ideal solution for safety applications.

Monolithic Glass

Single lite glass that can be enhanced
through additional fabrication processes.


Tecnoglass’ coatings and configurations offer efficient energy saving benefits to any architectural project. We offer a wide variety of coatings, both passive and solar control which can be applied to clear or tinted glass.
Curved glass is used to add movement and dimension to traditionally static structures. Tecnoglass presents one of the latest and most advanced technologies to curve glass: TecnoBend.
Tecnoglass is constantly improving its QUALITY. With UltraVIEW we’ve raised the bar becoming the first glass manufacturer in the Americas to deliver fully tempered glass almost free of anisotropy and flatness.




Our social commitment

The Tecnoglass ESWindows Foundation was created in 2005 due to Tecnoglass and ESWindows shareholders’ interest in collaborating with social development projects and programs whose objective is to help improve the quality of life of employees, their families, and members of their communities. This proposal intends to look after some of the fundamental needs of our employees and the community, especially children. Giving them access to education, proper housing and more opportunities.

Our social commitment