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Insulating Glass


Tecnoglass’ insulating glass saves energy in any home or nonresidential building by improving the thermal performance of windows. It creates a more comfortable indoor environment free from extreme temperatures and can reduce heating and cooling costs significantly.

Insulating glass is ideal for buildings that require efficient climate control. Inherently, insulating glass improves the window´s thermal performance by using an air spacer between two or more lites of glass to reduce the heat gain or loss. The result is windows and doors that are more energy efficient and buildings that are more cost effective. This type of glass can also reduce noise transmission.

Our insulating glass units are double sealed, using a primary polyisobutylene seal and a secondary silicone seal. To ensure the sealed space remains dry throughout the unit’s lifetime, the glass lites are separated by a desiccant-filled spacer. The desiccant absorbs any internal moisture in the insulating glass unit.

Curved, laminated, silk-screened and spandrel glass can all be insulated following this same process. We can provide almost any combination of finishes or properties needed by the customer.

Tecnoglass offers multiple configurations of insulating glass units:




When specifying insulating glass, it is important to select and outline clearly the configuration as well as each individual component of the insulating glass unit.



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