Tecnoglass silk-screened and ceramic frit glasses offer architects a variety of options for achieving beauty, originality and functionality in a high-performing safety package. Explore a variety of exciting ways to customize exterior and interior glass for a truly unique effect that meets both solar control and safety standards. Our screen-printed and ceramic frit glass are fabricated using automated machinery with numeric controls, which results in an excellent homogenous paint finish.

Processing Technique

This technique consists of applying a coat of ceramic frit over the glass surface by means of a screen frame or rolls and then drying it with an infrared furnace before tempering. The silk-screened and spandrel glass are then tempered in the same way as glass without paint.

During the tempering process, glass sheets are heated up to approximately 700°C and then roughly cooled with an air stream at a room temperature with approximately 24°C. The result is a glass that supports higher mechanical stresses.


Tecnoglass silk-screened glass is used both in exteriors and interiors, most commonly as decorative material.

Common applications include:

  • Interior partitions
  • Storefronts
  • Exterior window walls

20% Coverage

1/8” lines
1/2” space


30% Coverage

1/8” lines
9/32” space


40% Coverage

1/8” lines
3/16” space


50% Coverage

1/8” lines
1/8” space

1” lines
1” space

1/2” lines
1/2” space

1/4” lines
1/4” space

1/4” dots

60% Coverage

1/8” lines
3/32” space

1/8” holes

7/16” dots

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