Coatings are the thin layers of metal that are applied to glass in order to improve solar performance. Low-E (Low-Emissivity) coatings are among the most popular coatings applied to glass because of their low heat transfer properties. They also offer more light transmission than traditional reflective coatings.

Tecnoglass offers a wide variety of Low-E and reflective coatings. We can also add silk-screen patterns for a superior blend of solar performance and appearance.


The R-Series is a full range of high-performance “cool crisp” aesthetic insulating Low-E glass that offers low to high reflectivity and visibility, and a low solar heat gain coefficient. These coatings have a neutral brightness that enhances the appearance of low-iron glass as well as various tinted glass.

N70/38 PRIVATE LABEL of Solarban 60

Tecnoglass N70/38 was developed to enhance Solar Control Low-E giving new architectural projects the energy saving benefits of Low-E glass anytime of the year. Now you can have the perfect balance for controlling heat transfer during the summer, but also preserving inside a portion of heat during the winter, thus controlling the overall energy costs of temperature conditioning and lighting. A winter U Value of .29 and a summer U-Value of .27 are the perfect combination for controlling heat loss in the winter and heat transfer in the summer.

Whether you’re looking for a product that has solar control to help you achieve LEED points or to protect artwork or flooring, N70/38 is the right option.

This high-performance glass can be combined with both silk screen patterns and laminated glass. Tecnoglass N70/38 clear glass can achieve a SHGC as low as .39 blocking on average 66% of the total solar energy while allowing between 70% of the visible light to pass through. Using the combination of N70/38 and a tinted glass can reduce solar heat gain down to as low as a SHGC of .13 and produces an excellent Light to Solar Gain ratio as high as 1.79 (LSG).

Tecnoglass N70/38 glass can be coated on Starphire® glass and paired with Starphire® glass or with other ultra-clear glasses to produce an IGU with exceptional clarity and solar control characteristics. For even more color and performance options, it can be coated on the second (#2) surface of nearly all Vitro’s wide range of tinted glasses or combined in an IGU with any Vitro tinted glass, Solarcool® reflective glass or Vistacool® subtly reflective, color-enhanced glass.

The environmental and financial benefits of Low-E glass are the driving force behind today’s commercial market. Contact us to learn more.

Solarban® 70XL

With its transparent, color-neutral aesthetic and unprecedented solar control and visible light transmittance characteristics, Solarban 70XL glass can help you strike the right balance between form and function. When coupled with conventional clear glass in a 1-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 70XL glass outshines the performance of any other solar control Low-E glass on the market today. Additionally, Solarban 70XL glass can be combined in an insulating glass unit with any tinted glass from Vitro, including the five tints from the Blues & Greens collection, as well as any Vitro performance or high-performance bronze or gray tint.

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