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July 1, 2016

The 196 largest

For the second consecutive year, +Negocios (+ n) has followed the pulse of the 196 largest companies in the Caribbean region that were part of the ranking of the Superintendencia de Sociedades. Last May that Authority published a list of the 2,000 companies that moved the most capital in their operating revenues, including group from the Atlantic Coast that moved more than $ 55 billion over the past year and joined the list this year.

There is much to learn from this outlook: falling revenues of all 196 companies (-0.01%), marked mainly by the mining sector; reorganization in the sector, as the industry showed a strong recovery in profits: its share in the total profits increased from 9,81% in 2013 to 34.15% in 2014; and the challenge of the Caribbean region to be more competitive with other regions of the country.

Notable results are the top 10 companies in the region: Avianca, Olimpica, Reficar, Electricaribe, Prodeco, Cementos Argos, Gecelca, Opese, CBI Colombiana and Mexichem Resinas Colombia.

These are some of the issues analyzed in the July edition of the magazine to present an assessment of the business dynamics in the Coast. But the new edition of +n will also discuss BoConcept’s franchise model to give you some clues so you don’t ‘fail’ when doing a job interview, and the recommendations of Jorge Reynolds, creator of the pacemaker to be a leader.

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