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November 28, 2015

Tecnoglass and C.I. Energía SolarSolar Eswindows, companies of the year

The successful business group from Barranquilla received the highest international award from FIABCI.

Barranquilla recovers its leadership strength thanks to its industrial business group comprised by  Tecnoglass and C.I. Energía Solar Eswindows, which were awarded by the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) and the Business of the Year at the international level.

Alejandro Lega, academic member of FIABCI, Rodolfo Espinosa, President of CI Solar Energy and Andrés Correa, President of FIABCI Colombia.

The deserved distinction adds to the wonderful growth by the Business Group, which has been positioned as one of the largest manufacturers of window frames worldwide, which has been described as “The Window of the World”. In addition, the Group’s new Soft Coat glass factory was added this year with a 43 million dollar investment and a two thousand square meter plant and 700 new employment opportunities  for the city, region and country.

The recognition was awarded on Thursday November 19 with the participation of 300 guests from the real estate and construction sectors in the Bogotá Gun Club during the seventeenth version of the FIABCI Awards for Real Estate Excellence.

A total of 12 Awards were given in this new version of awards by the FIABCI Chapter in Colombia, who analyzed the design, construction, financing and operation of the various projects around the country to recognize the professional quality of engineers, architects and entrepreneurs in the sector.

During this new version of the awards was when  C.I. Energía Solar Eswindows and Tecnoglass  received the Award for International Companies of the Year, highlighted by their increasing export activities, a positive representation of Colombian industry abroad and the further consolidation of its business in the United States and Latin American markets. The award was received by Rodolfo Espinosa Meola, President of C.I. Solar Energy ESWindows from the President of the colombian FIABCI Chapter, Andrés Correa.

José Manuel Daes, director of the successful barranquillero Business Group.

Together with Tecnoglass and CI Solar Energy ESWindows were highlighted companies such as Terranum, Camilo Santamaria Architects, Constructora El Castillo, Amarilo, Argos Group, Concocreto, Prabyc Engineers, Ospinas, among others, also were awarded Medals Hernando Luque Ospina to Life and Work entrepreneur Arturo Street and the Medal of Real Estate Merit 2015 Engineer Alberto Santiago Botero.

Christian Daes, one of the directors of Tecnoglass Group.

This year the jury as evaluation criteria took into account the innovation and application of new trends in the field of sustainability, reducing environmental impact and work on corporate social responsibility.

The new recognition made Tecnoglass Group companies coincides with the latest sales balance presented by Christian Daes and Jose Manuel Daes company executives. During the first 9 months of the year CI Solar Energy Tecnoglass ESWindows and they reported sales of US $ 291,361 and US $ 308,465 respectively, equivalent to an increase of 50.4% and 70.9% compared with the same period last year. This growth corresponds to the startup of a new plant for glass soft coat technology and capacity expansion in technology, the business group.

Source: La Chachara

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