August 04, 2017
Barranquilla-based window and glassmaker Tecnoglass, Inc. has named Santiago Giraldo as its chief financial officer, the company announced today.... View more
July 01, 2016
For the second consecutive year, +Negocios (+ n) has followed the pulse of the 196 largest companies in the Caribbean region that were part of the ranking of the Superintendencia de Sociedades... View more
Yesterday, Tecnoglass Holdings held its first meeting with the media after being listed in the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) on january 6.... View more
Preliminary sales for 2015 are 820,000 million pesos. For this year, the growth forecast is 20% and estimated to continue increasing its value with its foray into the local stock market.... View more
During a press conference on Tuesday in Bogota, Tecnoglass managers reported that due to the stronger dollar, which is improving the profits of their business in the US... View more
Tecnoglass, a company headquartered in Barranquilla and dedicated to the manufacture of glass, said they got a syndicated loan for around US $ 120 million... View more
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